I "rescued" a domain for "Bible Baptist Church" in Harrisburg Illinois back in 2009. They are a small Independent Baptist Church. Harrisburg Illinois has a population of around 10,000 people. We have been "officially" hosting their website since a member found their "rescued" in 2010. He has been creating offsite content and uploading the content to our server via FTP.

     I received an alarm from their website (harrisburgbiblebaptist.com). I run monitoring software, and when a website we host goes down I get notified. This website had been down for a while and I needed to do some research.

Monitoring Bible Baptist Church Harrisburg Illinois

     I checked the server and saw that all the files were gone from the website, and of course I was in a panic. I had some old offsite backups, and the server has some backups onsite as well, but I wanted to try and contact the webmaster before I tried a restore.

     I had not been in contact with this church, or the webmaster for several years, but was fortunate enough to reach the webmaster Richard, on the first try.

     Richard was revamping the whole website and had decide to start with a clean install, so he had deleted everything. That was a relief for sure!

     Richard said he was glad I called, he was going to try and get in touch with me, he wanted to add a calendar and some email.

     They are not running WordPress, but I was able to set up an install of an application called “WebCalendar” on the server for them.

     Richard asked if I could install two email “forwarders.” This is where we set an email address that simply forwards to another email address. I set up two email addresses for their domain (one for Richard and one for the Pastor) that forward to their personal email accounts. The good thing about this is they can still give out a “church” email address, but they still only have to check one email address.