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Server Costs Increasing

We were notified last week that our hosting provider is tripling the cost of our servers. We are on a platform that provides CPanel hosting, so every ministry we host has the ability to control their own domain with their own...

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SSL for Free Fixed

Just a quick note, SSL for Free sent a note that they are fixed. I tried it and they are working again. This is a load of my mind. Their website claims over 3 million SSL certificates!

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SSL for Free Crashed

There is a service that generates SSL certificates at no cost called SSL for Free. Some of you may have been using this service. I am still using this service on the old servers. This requires that I go and manually regenerate a...

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Pastors Collectibles

I was approached by a Pastor friend Bob Haynes (Grace Baptist Church in Iowa Park Texas and Second Chances Baptist Church in Vernon Texas) about setting up a “Pastors Collectibles” website for him to handle his online flea...

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An Old Bible Tract

I was asleep. I have been recovering from surgery. I have had little sleep the past week. I had finally fallen back to sleep. It was almost 2 am in the morning. The phone rang. My foot was in so much pain, I couldn’t have...

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