Bible Baptist Church in McKinney Texas sent us a generous donation! I worked with the Pastor's wife when they originally wanted to set up a web presence. We thank them for the support. The windows mail problems I was experiencing have all but cleared up. Windows Live Mail was taking an excessive amount of time in coming up, and any time I tried to do some tasks (create files, move messages, clean up files etc). After I finally cleaned up all the “imported files” the system started responding as expected. I have signed up for MozyHome to back up my laptop. Mozy creates a backup offsite so that if you lose your hard drive for any reason (hard drive crash, stolen or lost computer/laptop, etc), your files are safe and can be restored. The cost is less than $5 per month for unlimited backup. There is a FREE version available (2 GB backup). This is for those of us that do NOT do regular backups. Our ministry will earn a commission if you sign up through one of these links or from the recommended products page.
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog