I was contacted last week by Pastor Rawls of Grace Baptist Church in La Porte Texas. He said he was unable to get into his account to pay for his web hosting and wanted to update his credit card information.

     I chuckled and told him that if he had to pay for his hosting I was definitely not providing his hosting for him, and explained to him that I did not charge for anything I did.

     We talked a bit and he told me he thought he was with us, he was getting our newsletters, and explained he could not log into his hosting account, and no one knew how to get in, the hosting account was about to expire, and the website was about to go down.

     While we were talking I had done a search through my database, gone to their website, and checked the whois record on their domain. Their domain was registered through Godaddy, their hosting was elsewhere.

     I finally remembered Grace Baptist Church in Laporte Texas. I was providing their hosting when back in 2011, they moved their domain to Godaddy and their hosting somewhere else. Pastor Rawls said he would have his wife give me a call, he wanted to get his hosting back on our service.

     Later on in the week I received a call from the Pastor’s wife. Back in 2011 (if I remember correctly) a church member paid for the church’s hosting and set up their hosting account (separately from the Godaddy domain registration account). The church member apparently was gone, they were locked out of the account, their VBS was coming up next week and they wanted to update the website for the VBS.


     Mrs. Rawls gave me the information on their domain account so I could rehome the domain (gracebaptistchurchlaporte.org) to our servers. I set up WordPress, and duplicated their old website content, and added the VBS content she sent me. I sent her the Login information for the website.

     At some point, when Mrs. Rawls gets time to work on the website, or wants to update it she will give me a call and I will show her how to work with WordPress.