Temple Baptist Church – Baldwinsville New York

I received a call from Pastor Aaron Overton of Temple Baptist Church in Baldwinsville New York yesterday. We have been hosting their website since 2007. He received a not from another domain registrar, wanting to charge them $30 per year for a domain registration. Our domain registration (at ekklesia-online.org) costs < $8 per year for most domains. These other companies are trying to scam domain owners. He asked if we could get their website an additional 8 GB of disk space to add sermons. While we can't do that on our existing servers, I set him up on one of our unlimited server plans ($6 per month). This provides unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Their domain is at templebaptist1611.org. Additionally he asked us to register the templebaptist1611.com domain. We did and the .com and .org domains now terminate on the same website for him.

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