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Emmanuel Baptist Church WordPress Assistance


     I was contacted last week by Pastor Brian Fahrenkrog of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Indian Trail for some assistance in updating their website (ebcit.org). I put up a WordPress website for them back in 2013, and he wanted to update it.

     After speaking with Pastor Fahrenkrog for a while I was able to determine what he wanted to do, and identified appropriate plugins for WordPress that I thought would get the job done. I installed the plugins over the weekend.

     This morning I received a follow-up phone call from Pastor Fahrenkrog, and I walked him through most of the plugins and content on his website. He is a quick learner and is able to get in and update his content.

     In addition to providing Pastor Fahrenkrog with WordPress assistance, it is an opportunity to look at (and learn) new options. I was able to identify a new “slider” plugin which is much easier to use than the one I have seen used before.

     I was also able to fix an access problem that Pastor Fahrenkrog had been having.

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