Scheduled Server Outage

I received the following email from my hosting provider:

We want to inform you about an upcoming change in our US data center location – we will be moving from our current location to Steadfast’s main building.
The new location will allow us to deploy a better infrastructure, it will offer us more room to grow, and will have better access to on-site assistance.
This will help us to deliver an overall better service.
The migration process has already begun. We have already moved a lot of our network infrastructure to the new location in order to set up a fully functioning hosting environment. The next step is to migrate all cPanel reseller servers.
They will be moved on Saturday (August 21st) from 00:00 AM EST. The expected interruption of service will be anywhere between 6 and 24 hours.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

I apologize for this outage, but it will supposedly make the service more stable and perform better.

Your partner in ministry,

Bob Hoffman

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