John McElroy, BEAMS Missionary

Maureen and I met John McElroy from BEAMS (Bible Education and Missionary Service) at the 2019 East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting. He told me then he was interested in a personal beams ministry, and he would contact me.

We met again at this years (2021) East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting. Again he told me he would contact me.

This time he did contact me. We met together, and worked out the details on what he was wanting accomplish. He decided on a domain name of

We set up a WordPress website. I spent some time with Brother McElroy, explaining how to set up and maintain his website.

John McElroy did not have a computer. Given the difficulty of trying to maintain a website from his cell phone or tablet, I gave him an old laptop I had. Everything seemed to work out fine.

John now has a working website and a function computer to make changes on it.

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