Wilson Avenue Baptist Church

I received a message from Pastor Jim Melrose. He is the new pastor of Wilson Avenue Baptist Church in Aurora Missouri.Pastor and Mrs. Melrose

A mutual acquaintance of ours suggested that I could help them get a website set up for the church.

I called brother Melrose and we discussed his needs. They have an old website on WIX that doesn’t have a unique domain with misinformation on it. He mentioned that his ISP was also trying to get a website up for Wilson Avenue Baptist Church, but that they have not been responsible, and have simply pulled content out of thin air.

After some discussion, Brother Jim decided on the domain of wabcaurora.com. I registered the domain for him and installed a WordPress website.

We spent about an hour and a half on the phone as I walked him through the basics of working on the website.

We worked out a way to get his existing sermons on Facebook installed on the new website, while he figured out how to get files that could be directly uploaded to the Wilson Avenue Baptist Church website.

We worked out many of the bugs and features, and made some tweaks to the website. Pastor Melrose is now updating and adding to the website like a pro.

I also worked on getting the website into the search engines (the two other websites are there). Google refused to update the website in Google, saying “they couldn’t verify the listing.” I added the website to Bing and several other places on the internet.

Pastor Melrose decided it would also help if we added Wilson Avenue Baptist church to the IFBTOPSITES and KJV-1611 topsites for more exposure and links.

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