I was contacted by Pastor Brian Magaw of Temple Baptist Church in Sumter South Carolina about a “rescued” domain (tbaptist.org).Temple Baptist Church

We “rescued” tbaptist.org back in 2016 and have had a generic website up for them.

Pastor Magaw wanted to know what he had to do to “take control” of their domain.

After explaining to Pastor Brian all that we do (hosted on professional servers, added security, on and offsite backups, managed WordPress hosting etc.) he decided to keep the domain on our hosting.

I set up WordPress for Temple Baptist Church, and set up a basic website.

I worked with Pastor Brian to choose a template and plugins that he and his wife liked.

We tweaked the website and I spent time training Pastor Magaw on how to work on WordPress.

Temple Baptist Church in Sumter South Carolina now has a working WordPress website under their control. Check them out at https://tbaptist.org.