Sycamore Baptist Church

I was contacted by a member of Sycamore Baptist Church in Carriere Mississippi.

He was given our contact information by the Pastor of a church we are providing hosting services to (Northspoon Baptist Church).

We talked in depth about Livestreaming requirements, and the need for a donate button.

They decided on a domain name of

I created a WordPress website for Sycamore Baptist Church, and installed plugins to support a Photo Gallery, a calendar of events, Bible reading and Devotions.

We spent a couple hours on the phone as I showed brother Billy how to work on the website. We got his website set up. He is working on getting streaming going on YouTube. Once he gets that set up we will add video capabilities to the website.

Billy also had questions about the process of streaming. I referred him to Brother Glen Yeager for specs and requirements of camera equipment. The Church does not have a lot of money so they need some good recommendations.

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