We were notified last week that our hosting provider is tripling the cost of our servers. We are on a platform that provides CPanel hosting, so every ministry we host has the ability to control their own domain with their own CPanel account. As you know we provide FREE hosting for independent Baptist ministries. Server costs are not passed on to our “clients.”

We are currently hosting around 125 ministries at no charge to them.

Our hosting provider is claiming that CPanel has raised their licensing fees by 1000%. Hence our server costs are increasing. This has basically wiped out all the savings I have been working so hard on.  So – good news is we are migrating to a new more stable platform with more features. The bad news is I have lost all the cost savings we had been working towards.

I have been able to move things around on their servers, and the way I have things configured we can still see some cost savings for a while, depending on our growth, even with the server costs increasing. I am midway through the process of migrating onto these new servers.