Second Chance Baptist Church Fayetteville NC

Brother Ken Capps contacted me several months ago. Pastor Capps was interested in planting Second Chance Baptist Church in San Antonio Texas.

Second Chance Baptist Church Fayetteville NC
Pastor and Mrs Ken Capps

We registered a domain ( for Second Chance Baptist Church, and I built a minimal website indicating there would be a new church plant in San Antonio.

Pastor Capps currently resided in North Carolina and was planning to move to Texas in March, which was moved off to April, and then to May. I received a phone call from Brother Ken late last week indicating that the Lord had been working on his heart, and that he and Mrs. Capps had ultimately felt called to stay in North Carolina and plant their church in the Fayetteville North Carolina area.

I updated the Second Chance Baptist Church website to indicate that the new church plant would now be an outreach in the Fayetteville area. They have a meeting location set up, are busy passing out tracts (with good response) and are planning on having their first meeting on Mother’s Day (May 13) 2018!

Maureen and I have been praying for brother and sister Capps and Second Chance Baptist Church. It is a blessing to be able to be a part of their ministry!

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