I received a call yesterday from Pastor Donald Beeman (Grove City Baptist Church in Knoxville Tennessee). He was calling on behalf of his father in law that pastors a Faith Baptist Church in Dunbar PA. This domain was “rescued” back in 2006, and they were interested in getting it set up so they could update it. They were going to have a discussion and decide what they wanted to do with the website./ I had a domain that was lying around, unused (http://www.faithindependentbaptistchurch.com). I searched for a church that did not appear to have a web presence and found Faith Independent Baptist Church in Cleveland SC. I had an email address on them and sent a notice when I added their church to the database at baptist-ministries.org. I received an email from the Pastor's wife asking for more information, and wanting to verify (rightly so) that I was not just using this as a “teaser/advertisement” to get their business. The do want a website, and said they get most of their traffic from referrals and the web. We will probably set them up on templates. I am waiting to hear back from them.