Robert Maynard – Evangelist

I received a phone call from Robert Maynard in North Carolina last July (he answered our ad in the Sword of the Lord for a free web page. After registering a domain for him (, his Pastor suggested he get some training and practice under his belt, which he did – preaching a lot in a rescue mission and as opportunities opened up for him. We have kept in touch via Facebook (until my Facebook account was disabled 10 days ago). He told me last week he wanted to do something with his website, so I set him up on the templates – and he has been updating his web page – looks nice….

I have been informed I will start the school I have been talking about – I will be doing two days in Dallas on 04/22 and 04/23. I will in all likelihood be leaving for two weeks of class in Atlanta on the 04/25.  Your continued prayers are appreciated – I am still not sure that this is the Lord's will.

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