Quick Update

I have been off a week now – been using the opportunity to catch up on the ministry work. Have done considerable updating to the Independent Baptist database (http://www.baptist-ministries.org). There are many churches that have simply released domains and registered new domains to put up a website. I am trying to educate Pastors, Staff and Lay people about the importance of protecting the domain as they would any other church asset.

I am researching website software for Pastor Carpenter (Old Paths Baptist Church) in Mount Vernon Illinois. Pastor Carpenter wants to update his website from Twitter. Website Baker will publish RSS feeds, but does not seem to like Twitter.

I worked with Dr. Nancy Shields to tweak her websites (http://blog.toolkit-ministry.org and http://www.toolkit-ministry.org). I added a Paypal donate button to both sites and did some minor changes she requested.

I was contacted by a Pastor in North Carolina. He set up a domain and web hosting about a year ago, but could not figure out how to put any content up. I created a simple website for him, and will probably work with him later this week to show him how to update his site.

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