Our daughter went through the procedure (to determine whether or not she had problems with her pancreas). Good news and bad news. The bad news is they still have not found a specific problem. The good news is that the doctor said the symptoms are treatable.Maureen goes in for a biopsy on Monday (12/22/2008). Please keep her in prayer if you will. We pray that she does not have cancer.Keep me in prayer, as I have had tests this week for a potential kidney problem. Man when it rains it pours! God is in control though.I was contacted by Pastor McConkey of Grace Baptist Church of Harford County this evening. Pastor McConkey wants to start a blog. I set up a WordPress Blog for him tonight. We have many blog software templates available, and provide them at no cost to Indpendent Baptist Ministries! Interested in one? Send me an email.I have some fantastic free Christian backgrounds that I have started using in the generic websites. They look nice…I expect to post more before Christmas, but in case I don't I pray you and yours have a fantastic Christmas! 
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