Missionaries to Cyberspace 1Q 2018 Newsletter

“When you go on the internet, please pray for the Hoffman Family – your missionaries to Cyberspace.”

Volume 31 Issue 1 (February/2018)

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The Latest News:

  • جسر الله إلى الحياة الخالدة  I have added the Arabic Version of God’s Bridge to Eternal Life (جسر الله إلى الحياة الخالدة) to our God’s-bridge.com website.  I have also published the link to my evangelistic Facebook page. Please pray that the Lord will use this tract to reach the unsaved Arab population around the world in their native language. The tract can be found at http://gods-bridge.com/arabic/. We currently have this Bible tract up in English, German, French Spanish, Chinese and now Arabic! We also have additional Bible Tracts up on other pages and have given out over 89,000 Bible tracts worldwide!
  • We had major issues caused by the hosting we provide free to Independent Baptist Ministries. Right before Christmas one of our hosting accounts was actually suspended by our hosting provider because of content (relax it was not objectionable – just volume) of one of our hosting accounts. The account was not released until I could find and remove all the sermons that were buried in directories all over the website (fortunately I had them all backed up). I was able to set up my own FTP server with two TB of redundant disk space to handle sermons (only about 5 of the 100 or so ministries we host have any sermons at all, and of them, only 3 are of any size that I need to be concerned about. About the same time I was getting this issue resolved another hosted account crashed the task manager that was making backups and doing software installations on another one of my shared servers. This is another ministry I have not been able to re-establish contact with for about a year. They are doing some exotic stuff with WordPress and all of a sudden, something on their website ended up crashing the task manager of CPanel. I was able to isolate them on their own server. I actually have three ministries right now that I have to keep isolated because I am afraid they will have negative impact on other ministries. It is frustrating, providing services at no charge, when I try to stay in communication, if for no other reason to make sure that everything is going well and the ministry is still operating. When I have to take some sort of action to protect other ministries, and I am not able to get a Pastor to call me back – I have to admit it gets frustrating.
  • New Facebook Page – We have a new Facebook page for our ministry – all ministry posts will be showing up there going forward. Our personal pages will be just that – personal Facebook pages. This will allow people that want to follow the ministry, but don’t want to see the personal posts to see just the ministry news. The new Facebook Page can be found at: @missionarytocyberspace. Please go to that page and “Like” it and Follow it to continue to get updates via Facebook. Of course, you can continue to go to our Website at https://cyber-missions.org to continue to keep up to date on our ministry and read the archived posts. These links are also on the bottom of this email.
Church Website Ministry:

  • I was contacted by Victory Baptist Church of Drummonds Tennessee to let me know they had a new pastor (Gary Aaron) . They asked me to set up a “regular” website for them. I suggested the domain vbcdrummonds.com along with several other choices and they selected that domain. They did not have any idea yet as to what they wanted to do with the website yet, so I set up a website for them on WordPress with SSL certificate, and basic information.

  • Liberty Baptist Church Yuma AZ – I was contacted several weeks ago by a gentleman we provided web hosting for years ago in Maryland. He relocated to Yuma Arizona and was an Assistant Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church there. Brother McConkey said he was going to be taking over as Pastor December first and wanted to register a domain for the church. We talked about it and he decided I was contacted by Victory Baptist Church of Drummonds Tennessee to let me know they had a new pastor (Gary Aaron) . They asked me to set up a “regular” website for them. I suggested the domain vbcdrummonds.com along with several other choices and they selected that domain. They did not have any idea yet as to what they wanted to do with the website yet, so I set up a website for them on WordPress with SSL certificate, and basic information.on the domain lbcyuma.com. I registered lbcyuma.com for him. I set up a WordPress website with secure (SSL) certificate for him and he built a website for the church.

  • Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland Texas – We were contacted by Pastor Paul Jones of Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland Texas around Thanksgiving. He found one of the “unofficial websites” we have up as a “placeholder” page for the Baptist Ministries Database. Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland has a Facebook page and Pastor Jones wanted to know if he could “link the two “together” and pursue putting up an official website for the church. I sent Pastor Jones some information but never heard back from him. Maureen and I took a road trip and dropped in to Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland for their evening service. Liberty Baptist Church is a friendly little church. Pastor Paul said they ran 31 in the morning service. Brother Paul invited me to give a brief presentation of our ministry.  We spoke after the service and Pastor Paul decided on a domain name for the church (lbceastland.com). I took some pictures of the church and set up a starter website, and will be working with Pastor Jones on the website as he provides more content. Maureen spoke to Mrs. Jones (Pastor’s wife) and it looks like we will be providing Liberty Baptist Church some Bible Courses to use in their preschool Sunday school classes. If you are looking for a church that needs laborers and are willing to roll up your sleeves for the Lord, I would recommend this church as a worthwhile investment of your time, resources and money!

  • Steve Trexler missionary to Liberia – I was asked to contact Steve Trexler, who is a missionary to Liberia (with his wife Jeanne) through Global Faith Missions in Chattanooga, by a missionary friend. Steve wanted to set up a website for their ministry. Brother Steve is the Program Director for the Baptist College of Missionary Physicians Assistants in Liberia. We discussed domain names, the choice was easy, their ministry is abbreviated as BC-MPA, and so we decided on bc-mpa.com as a domain name for the website. I registered the domain and installed a WordPress website for Brother Steve to get the project rolling. I built him a website using the content he gave me. We will be expanding the website when Steve gets back to Liberia and provides additional content.

  • Bible Baptist Church in New Braunfels Texas –  Pastor Steve Parker contacted me over the weekend. Brother Steve is planting Bible Baptist Church in New Braunfels Texas. He is a member of Marion Baptist Church in Marion Texas (one of our supporting churches).We have been hosting the website for Marion Baptist Church since 2006. Pastor Rudy Elizondo suggested brother Steve give me a call to get a website going for him so he sent me an email. Pastor Parker and I spoke briefly, and he decided on the domain name bbcnb.us for Bible Baptist Church in New Braunfels. He provided me with some pictures, a logo and some information. I was able to get a WordPress website up with a Secure Certificate (SSL) and worked with Brother Parker to get the website tuned to his liking. Sister Dawn Huff (a missionary out of Marion Baptist Church) set up a Facebook Page for Bible Baptist Church New Braunfels, and I was able to bring their Facebook page feed into their web page. I also added a Bible Reading plugin, and a devotional plugin as well as a Gospel Tract to the website. Bible Baptist Church will be holding their first meeting on March 4th 2018 at the Longhorn Café in New Braunfels Texas at 2:30 pm. We added a map to help people find their location.

Bible Correspondence Courses: We want to thank Katherine Feguer, Lydia Henrici, J.L. & Florence Smith and Lorraine Meier for helping on the Bible Correspondence courses over the last quarter.
4th Quarter Stats: We mailed out 695 lessons to 107 active students (7 were incarcerated). We saw 2 salvation decisions (24 y/o man in Oregon and a prisoner in Nevada). 27 Certificates were issued to students in Cameroon, Canada, Nigeria, Philippines and the USA.
2017 StatsWe mailed out 3130. We saw 7 salvation decisions (We saw two saved in Cameroon via the New Birth Bible Tract who signed up for Bible Correspondence Courses!). 92 Certificates were issued to students in USA, Australia, Brunei,  Cameroon, Canada,  India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.Here are some comments we received from people that are taking the correspondence courses: 

  • From a 68 year old student in VA…Thank you for the wonderful lessons. Yes, Satan will try to turn our needs and hearts and minds from our Lord. Each day we must put the whole armor of God on and also to fight with the Word of God. You must tell Satan to get out of your life. God is my Father and Saviour. Thanks be to God. Amen,
  • Letter from student in MD Dear FamilyNet International, I hope in Jesus’ name that all is well with everyone and those in your family. I take not for granted your ministry and the materials you send me to study along with the Word of God. Life is challenging in these last days, but whose life isn’t? God is perfecting us for various reasons and various purposes. I have a lot of quiet days and I enjoy the quietness. I recall begging God for a balanced life where things slowed down and became quieted. I appreciate and love you all very much. Your brother in Christ.
  • From a student in Nigeria who founded the Christian Literature Distribution Project and helps coordinate getting our lessons into schools – Calvary greetings in His name hoping all is well with you, family and the Lord’s work. Find enclosed some of the complete courses by our school students. Sorry some of their handwriting are not very good, in case you can’t read them let me know. I have tried to rewrite some of them. Some of the students have not finished theirs. I have a teacher who is following them up to make sure they finish and submit the exam sheets. I am enjoying my own lesson and I am using the lessons to teach others. I thank God for those that prepared this course. May our able Lord bless the one. Thank you and God bless. Yours in HIM!
  • From a prisoner in West Virginia – Dear Sirs I just completed lesson 5 in my studies on John. I am very grateful for your course of study. I am not sure how to express how these lessons are helping me or how I am applying their truth to my life. I will do my best though. I enjoy your studies, as they give me a point of anchor, and a focus for studying the word of God. In the hyper negative environment I find myself living in, this is truly a blessing. I am encouraged when studying, I recognize truths past studies have rooted in my mind. I study to come into a deeper more intimate knowledge of Gods Word, and his will for my life. As I grow in my knowledge of Gods word, I can better answer the questions, and witness to the seekers who come to me, looking for answers from God. All who see me reading, and studying daily, see in me the light of the gospel, Gods love. My daily conduct, also speaks of where my heart is, and where my priorities lie. Your studies help keep me rooted and grounded in the truth. They also help me to deepen my knowledge of Gods word, and of his love for all mankind. Thank you for providing these studies for me. May God bless you all and hold you all close in his loving arms forever. Your brother in Christ…
  • From a prisoner in Mississippi – To my wonderful Christian friends at FamilyNet Bible study correspondence school. I am writing to you this day to simply say thank you for all the wonderful Bible study lessons and Bible study courses that you have sent to me this past year. I also want to say thank you for taking the time to answer my letters. This is very kind of you to help me the way that you have. Again I say thank you. I hope that you had a very wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very happy new year. I look forward to 2018 and continuing the study of Gods Word with you with the Bible study courses you have to offer. I ask that you keep me in your prayers at FamilyNet and I will keep you in mine. Happy New Year. Your brother in the Lord…
  • From a prisoner in Nebraska – Thank you FamilyNet Intl for my lessons and thank you also for sending them and all your hard work that you do. May God bless everyone at FamilyNet.
Tract Ministry: We have “given out” over 89,000 Bible Tracts online.
Social Networking Outreach: I get new requests on my evangelistic Facebook account regularly. I now have 2482 “friends” in my evangelistic Facebook account. This is a valuable tool to reach the unsaved masses.
Support:  We are currently at 68% of support for our ministry expenses.
Prayer Needs:

  • Maureen has had ongoing problems with sciatica nerve in her back. She has taken second shot in her back this week. Please pray for guidance. If shots don’t work surgery may be her next option.
  • Bob has been diagnosed with stage three kidney disease. The kidneys appear to be stable at this time.
  • Would you consider praying for us when special needs arise? If so, please subscribe to our prayer warrior’s mailing list. : http://eepurl.com/SYbI9.
Specific Financial Needs:

  • Server Costs $700 Dollars
  • Security Costs $250
  • Postage to Nigeria $925 (90 salvation decisions in 2017)
  • Internet Costs $720
  • Telephone Costs $1500
  • Nigeria Project – Two Nigerian Churches (Non Baptist ) want to use our Courses to teach their members and children including Sunday School, Pastor Training, Public Schools). This is an opportunity to get God’s Word and good doctrine into places that would not otherwise be able to receive it. We have had over 200 students  from these churches in the last several years , so we know these people, and have a history with them and trust them. $650
Please consider a donation. FamilyNet is a 501 (C)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible in the US – You can donate via PayPal (Donate button is on https://www.cyber-missions.com) or mail a check:
FamilyNet International Inc
P.O. Box 451951
Garland, TX 75045
(214) 257-0229
In Jesus’ Service,
Bob and MaureenPhil 2:4

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