I sent out a mailing of our newsletter before church this evening. You can imagine my surprise when I started getting a bunch of notifications that users were unsubscribed due to the mailing list “exceeding 90 messages per hour.” I could not see a way to throttle the mailing list I was using. I have wasted the last several hours after church trying to install new software with throttling capabilities only to find out I do not have access to a config file that needs some values changed to enable throttling. I will work on this some more in the morning, and will work on getting the newsletter out tomorrow to those that did not get it. Having said that – it means that many of these users have also missed the last two newletters that were mailed out (since it requires three bad mailings to be unsubscribed).. Will have to tackle that tommorrow – need to get some rest.
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog