I found some free templates (GPL Licensed) that will fit the ministry’s need. I think as time permits I will be able to modify them (especially since most of them are open source) to make them customized for ministry use. They are fine as they are – there are 20-30 of them available, and they were very easy to install. I have Bethel Baptist Church of La Plata Maryland (the church that ended up with ads) up on them (http://www.bbcmd.org). I had originally set them up on the church demo website (http://www.churchdemo.us) when I was going through multiple apps to find one that worked. I set up the Haines Baptist Church website on the churchdemo.us domain to see how it would look. I will probably convert the Haines domain over to the new templates since I have not trained HBC on the use of the old domains. I will post it here if (and when)  I do that.