Dennis Pyles, BIMI Missionary to the Philippines


I sent an email off to brother Pyles verifying they still needed the old computers we were going to ship to them. They do – so we will try and get them out next week. We had spoken about a website when they were out here last – I asked if he had given any more thought to it. They indicated they did indeed want a website and chose a domain name. I registered and will be walking them through the set up on the templates (have an "under construction" website set up)..

I received a call from Billy Sutton (Interim Pastor) of Bethel Baptist Church in La Plata Maryland today. We "rescued" their domain ( a while back. Their temporary website had taken over 850 hits since we had put it up. After a discussion, I set him up on templates, we are planning to talk after Thanksgiving to discuss updating of the website.

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