Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia

On Sunday morning (August 28) Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia. We were able to present our ministry during the Sunday school hour.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia

     We have been hosting a website for Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke ( since 2008.

     They started out using Microsoft’s Front Page, migrated to the Website Baker Templates and most recently I converted them over to WordPress.

     Cornerstone Baptist has been a long time supporting church. Pastor Jim Patterson had seen the value of our ministry and had taken us on for support.

     Several months ago Pastor Patterson retired, and Pastor David Jones took over Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke. I contacted Pastor Jones and let him know we would be passing through Roanoke Virginia on the way back to Dallas Texas and he invited us to come and present the ministry.

     Church planter and Evangelist Tim Holtsclaw was also going to be at the church for the morning service. Cornerstone is the Holstclaw’s Family’s home church. Brother Tim and I go back to 2011, when he went in to update the Cornerstone website. He had a website up for his family ministry and I registered a domain for him ( to make it easier for him to give it out to pastors. I have also registered several domains for some of the churches he has helped to plant over the years. It looks like we will be working together on a project in the near future.

     It was a blessing to finally meet the church members, Pastor David Jones and the Holtsclaw Family! 

     It was also fantastic to be able to share the details and the burden of what we do in our ministry with the people that pray for us and help support our work!

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