Dr. HL Champion and I have been talking for the last few weeks.

Several years ago baptist.org was the most popular Baptist website in the world.  Unfortunately, over the last few years do to the neglect of some helpers and during a time when brother Champion went through the loss of his beloved spouse, the baptist.org website suffered.

I had offered to help brother Champion get the website going again, had the opportunity to meet and fellowship with Dr. Champion as he stopped off here on his way back to Houston from Nashville. We discussed what he wanted to do with baptist.org and came up with a game plan.

After brother Champion left for Houston I spend the afternoon setting up his new server and moving baptist.org over to its new (and Lord willing permanent) home. We had a wonderful time together, and I look forward to being part of the baptist.org team as we try and get the website back up and functioning in it’s new design.

One of the ideas brother Champion has is offering baptist.org email addressed. He also plans to getting his international Baptist authors back online. The sky is the limit, the website will be a home for everything Baptist worldwide.

Brother Champion is also planning on coming the this years East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting with us and helping us man our table, while talking about baptist.org at the camp meeting.