On Veterans Day 2018, Maureen and I had the pleasure of having been invited to Trinity Independent Baptist Church in Middleton Tennessee to present our ministry. I was also given the opportunity to bring the morning message.

Trinity Independent Batist Church in Middleton Tennessee

Pastor Duane Crane

Pastor Duane Crane and I go back to 2009 when we put up a website for the church he was pastoring (Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall Texas). We have been friends since then, and we welcomed the opportunity to put up a website for their new ministry at Trinity Independent Baptist Church in Middleton Tennessee (trinityibc.com).

We arrived on Saturday evening, and I had the opportunity to spend time with Pastor Crane and show him some other templates that enabled him to put up a slider. We also added an events calendar, and discussed how he could do several other features he wanted to handle on the website.

Maureen and I had a good time of fellowship and it was wonderful meeting the people of Trinity Independent Baptist Church and to be a part of their ministry.

Pastor Duane Crane has a heart for souls and Middeton Tennessee has a definite need for a good soul-winning church.

We thank Pastor Duane and Brenda Crane and Trinity Independent Baptist Church for their love and hospitality, and look forward to helping out in any way we can going forward!