We received the following from Ghana (on an enrollment form for the Bible Correspondence Courses).”We are a bible study group of 56 members but most of them dont have their own bibles.if you can send them bibles we can submit their nemes for enrolment”We are not set up to provide this number of Bibles to Ghana.We have no idea if they are for real, or if they would try and sell the Bibles.Please pray with us as we try and figure out a response. Maureen has three more radiation treatments for her cancer (including today). We thank those of you that are praying for us. One of the nurses at the treatment center started her 8 year old son on the Bible Courses. He returned the course last week stating that he received the Lord as his Saviour. God will work even cancer to His Glory if we let him. We just got off the phone with “The Sword of the Lord.” We will be running an ad offering to set up web pages for Independent Baptist Ministries starting in May. Please pray for the ad to be fruitful. 
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog