Sandy Lane Baptist Church

On Sunday, Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting Sandy Lane Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas. We have been hosting their web page ( since 2009.

     We had a great visit. After an excellent message by Pastor Robert Moreland, they were celebrating the 90th birthday of Pastor emeritus Billy Beck.Sandy Lane Baptist Church

     I had the opportunity to discuss (briefly) the website with Pastor Moreland, and we decided to set up an appointment to sit down and discuss the WordPress website.

     Yesterday I drove back out the Sandy Lane Baptist Church and spent a couple of hours with Pastor Moreland.

     We discussed what he would like to do with the website. I made some minor changes to the website that allowed him to start a blog. We installed the WordPress app on his smartphone. He was able to start posting on the website through his phone.

     We went through the basics of pages and how to build menus. I installed a photo gallery plugin for him.

     I gave Pastor Moreland a general idea of what was available of what was available in the way of themes, and made a minor change in the themes to allow his Blog to show up on the website.

     We discussed our ministry and Pastor Moreland said he would look at the possibility of scheduling our coming out and presenting our ministry to Sandy Lane Baptist Church.

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