I received a phone call a 30 minutes ago from a wonderful lady named Norma who lives in Arizona. She had been able to lead a friend in Florida (with health problems) to the Lord and was looking for a church near Jacksonville (Yulee) that she could call  to send someone out to visit her friend as a followup. She was on the Internet and in her search (believe it or not) she came up with our Online-Churches website (a primer for getting your church online). I referred her to our Independent Baptist Web Portal, and told her we offered Free Bible Correspondence Courses if her friend would be interested in that (Family-Bible.us). She will be providing is with her friend's mailing address. I am offering this up as an example why I feel every church should have an online presence.

I still have not been able to get an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed from here to go to the Facebook account. I tried a second AP today. So far no go, lets see if this article goes out. I may put out another article or two today to see if I can get these moving.