I have been focusing on the migration of the websites I am hosting over to new servers on a new hosting provider. The results so far are very promising. The new servers allow the domains to be isolated in their own environment with their own CPanel interface.

Cpanel Interface

CPanel Interface

     There seems to be plenty of memory, CPanel allows the ministry to have full control of their own environment. CPanel supports backup and restore, as well as Email. The ministry can create and administer their own email accounts with under their own domain names. CPanel also provides built in statistics.

     It appears that a ministry that does things that have been adversely affecting other ministries under the current setup will no longer affect the other ministries that are on the same server.

     We offer this hosting free to Independent Fundamental Baptist Ministries. The new host is cost effective. We are currently hosting approximately 100 ministries. The conversion over to the new servers is in progress, I have about 20% of the ministries converted over at this time.

     If you would like information on our free hosting, please contact me. I never charge for anything we do (including domain). More information is available at ekklesia-online.com.

     We also provide low cost domain name registration (.coms are $8.99 per year regular price at ekklesia-online.org). If you are looking for inexpensive (non-IFB) hosting, our hosting service starts at $2.75 per month (with a FREE 30 day trial – no credit card required) at ekklesia-online.us. All of these services provide a couple of pennies a month support to our faith-based ministry.