I have added the last language (Gods Bridge – Afrikaans) to our Gods Bridge Website. You can visit the Afrikaans page here.

We now have Bible tracts up in seven languages, and the God’s Bridge Children’s tract. We also have many other tracts online as well. Our online tracts have taken about 101,000 hits so far. I have had the God’s Bridge tracts up since 2017 (you see the original blog here).

With the completion of Gods Bridge – Afrikaans, I am starting to try and figure out how to get these Bible tracts advertised on the Internet.  While I do post all the Bible tracts in rotation every month on one of my Facebook accounts for free, I would like to figure out a way to get them out via some paid advertisement.

The Gods Bridge – Afrikaans had a bit of a rocky start though. in that I misspelled Afrikaans at first.

I have created a Facebook Page for the Bible Tracts called Gods Bridge (facebook.gods-bridge.com). I am looking at the possibility of trying to advertise on Facebook, however Facebook appears to require you to advertise to a Facebook page, not to an external page. I am still in the early stages of research though. The page can direct ministries that may want a link to an online Bible tract.