Cyber-Monday Sale – FREE Websites

Hey – it’s cyber-monday, so your Missionaries to CyberSpace are offering a 100% discount on our FREE websites to Independent Baptist ministries.

If your ministry does not have a website for whatever reason (finances, lack of expertise etc) I will help get you online at no cost to your ministry.

We are currently hosting over 120 ministries free of charge (we are a faith based ministry).

So for Cyber-Monday (or any other day that ends in day ) we are offering you the ability to get your ministry online in record time, with no cost now, or at any time in the future.

Bob and Maureen Hoffman, Missionaries to Cyberspace (

You can fill out a request form (and see more about what we do) at or just give me (Bob) a call at (214-257-0229)

Maureen and I wish you the best CHRISTmas and prosperous New Year!

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