Calvary Baptist Church Mesquite

     Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting one of our supporting churches today, Calvary Baptist Church Mesquite Texas.

     I am maintaining the website for Calvary Baptist Church Mesquite. They have an upcoming event, a Fall Festival on October 29th as an alternative to Halloween. I wanted to get some pictures and more information on the event.

     It was a blessing that we had a Missionary and board member of FamilyNet International with us (Dr. Nancy Shields of Toolkit Ministries), and that Calvary had the Boltz Family, Missionaries to Guyana visiting this morning, and presenting their ministry.

     This was Pastor appreciation Month, and the church presented Pastor Duane and Lori Myers a special gift.

     The church also had a fellowship meal after the morning service. What Baptist doesn’t like a free buffet line after a church service B-).

     I was able to talk with Missionary Ray Boltz about his website ( Brother Ray said he has had some problems getting his login information and had not updated his website in several years. He indicated he would like to get the website going again.

     I was also able to speak with Pastor Myers about the church phone service and internet service. The church would like to get some internet service installed and has had lots of issues with the phone service. Pastor Duane said he would call me in a couple of weeks and we will sit down and talk about what exactly he is looking to do and what options are available.

     After I got home I reviewed The Boltz prayer card and website and saw they had a new domain on the prayer card and had a brief conversation with Brother Ray as he was driving to a church in Oklahoma. I will follow-up tomorrow with a blog on how that conversation went.

     Clearly the Lord wanted us to be in Calvary Baptist Church this morning, and we were blessed to be there…