Bible Correspondence Course Work Day

     If you have been following our ministry for any period of time, you know we have been a Source of Light Bible Correspondence School for 30+ years.

     We send out Bible lessons via US mail at no expense to the students (besides the postage they incur to mail the lessons back to us).

     We hold workdays every month, where lessons are addressed, stamped  (with our address), and otherwise prepared for mailing.

We had a workday today followed by some fellowship over lunch. 

     We have mailed out over 63,000 lessons to 56 countries over the years. We have seen 283 people come to the Lord through this ministry!

     We could not do this without the help of these volunteers!  I would like to thank Katherine Feguer, Lydia Henrici, Lorraine Meier, J.L. & Florence Smith for helping us the Bible Correspondence courses.

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