Portion of a letter from Nigeria…

Your materials for me and the members of ministry has been joyfully received. The tracts arrived about two weeks ago and my people are so happy. It came at the time about three of our churches were preparing for their 14 days evangelism open air out-reach and streets evangelism.
I am most grateful to God, for this wonderful opportunity and privilege having received the lecture that I needed most at this time of revival meetings and lectures in our ministries. The entire lists of lessons are exactly written for me and my member church leaders and ministers. The course Practical Christian Living, is profounding, stimulating, reviving, insightful and highly transforming. Thank you for this wonder wealth of spiritual information. May God continually strengthen you in His grace and replenish you a double fold.
I give God glory for your passion in the advancement of the lives of people in this part of the world most especially myself and my ministries. Please I want to identify with you in your passion to effect the life of church leaders and ministers here in Nigeria.
Every Pastor/Minister in rural areas needed the courses, seriously because that is the only opportunity for them to be trained without leaving their homes and with their meager finance which can not afford them seminary studies at the cities.
The courses are quite understandable and rich spiritually. Thank you very much for your wonderful helps. God bless you immensely, Amen.

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