Bible Believers Baptist Church – Tangle Mexico Pampanga Philippines (Part 2)

I recieved a follow up email from Pastor Nabata – if you can help with their Christian School I'm sure they would appreciate it.


Dear Bob,
Thank you very much, you just dont know how happy am I and the church upon knowing that we already have a website. You know what? I shouted from the top of my voice saying  "Yes!!!!!!!! Thank you  Lord" for joy and the people around were shocked , and when the peep on my computer screen and when they saw it they too were very very happy to see themselves..
You know Brother Bob, I may not know you now but I'm praying that someday I can see you & your family in person and thank you personally for this great things you have done in our ministry.
I shall be adding some photos and update the ministries we have; if you wish to instruct me how to do it, so I can do it myself or ask someone to do it for me here thats fine with me so as not to bother you every time I have to update, I would appeciate that very much.
Meanwhile, Perhaps you can help me in promoting in ADOPT A SCHOOL program in our ACE school by including it in our web.
You know in our young age as a church, we have already an ACE school, & BIble college and we are doing it for free, What I am doing is,I am soliciting from different churches an OLD PACEs then we will erase it and use it again, and I tell you, children are learning the way it should be,  childen at the age of 6 & 7 have already accepted Jesus in thier heart as thier personal Lord & Savior, aint that amazing?!!! Praise God
Our adopt a child program is open to all who are willing to sponsor a student so that the child would be able to have a beter education.
By giving Fifty cents ( .50 cents) a day a child can have a beter christian education. I dont know how the contributor can manage to give thru thier credit card since I dont have that facilty but I'm sure you can help me with this.
I dont mind if you use your own account and then just send to me if ever or what,? I Just dont know how., but I have several accounts in our local banks here.
I am attaching some photos of our ACE students and for the said purpose and perhaps some additional photos from the church & activities.
NOTE: I am re sending this without the photos because this  mail had returned back to me for the reason that your mail is already full… 
Thats all for now & May God Bless your ministries as you have been a channel of blessings.
In Christ
Pastor Carlos P. Nabata

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