Month: December 2009

Baptist Ministries Database

How to find an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church We have a deaf friend over helping us with the Bible Correspondence Courses today. She is looking for a church with a deaf ministry. Using our Independent Baptist Database at...

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Toolkit Ministries on new templates

I have been maintaining the website for Toolkit Ministries over the last several years, They were up on a basic website created with Front Page. I moved them over to the templates a couple of months ago. With the new...

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New templates are up

I got three missionary websites up on the new templates. They look pretty good. These websites have been set up waiting for the missionaries to find time to update them. Since none of them have worked on their websites and I...

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Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish you all a very Blessed Christmas holiday on behalf of the Hoffman family! Our mailing list program stopped working – I spent a bunch of hours yesterday trying to figure out what was wrong, and so far...

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