Grace Baptist Church Portland Texas

Maureen and I will be heading down to Portland (Taft) Texas this weekend. I have been invited to present our ministry and provide the message during the evening service this Sunday evening, March 18 2018. Grace Baptist Church...


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90000+ Digital Bible Tracts Distributed

We have now “handed out” over 90,000 Digital Bible tracts over the Internet in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Arabic! If you have been reading our blog or newsletters for any period of time, you know...



Second Chance Baptist Church Fayetteville NC

Brother Ken Capps contacted me several months ago. Pastor Capps was interested in planting Second Chance Baptist Church in San Antonio Texas. We registered a domain ( for Second Chance Baptist Church, and I...

From a prisoner in Nebraska

From a prisoner in Nebraska… Dear FamilyNet International, Thank you so much for my lessons and thank you also for all your hard work and time in sending my lessons to me. Today here at (name of prison) we had snow. It...

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From a Student in Louisiana

From a 68 year old student in LA that began taking our lessons in March of 2015 and has completed all the courses we offer… Dear Bob and Maureen, It has been my honor to take the courses you provide. Since 2015, these...

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