Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia

On Sunday morning (August 28) Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia. We were able to present our ministry during the Sunday school hour.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke Virginia

     We have been hosting a website for Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke ( since 2008.

     They started out using Microsoft’s Front Page, migrated to the Website Baker Templates and most recently I converted them over to WordPress.

     Cornerstone Baptist has been a long time supporting church. Pastor Jim Patterson had seen the value of our ministry and had taken us on for support.

     Several months ago Pastor Patterson retired, and Pastor David Jones took over Cornerstone Baptist Church Roanoke. I contacted Pastor Jones and let him know we would be passing through Roanoke Virginia on the way back to Dallas Texas and he invited us to come and present the ministry.

     Church planter and Evangelist Tim Holtsclaw was also going to be at the church for the morning service. Cornerstone is the Holstclaw’s Family’s home church. Brother Tim and I go back to 2011, when he went in to update the Cornerstone website. He had a website up for his family ministry and I registered a domain for him ( to make it easier for him to give it out to pastors. I have also registered several domains for some of the churches he has helped to plant over the years. It looks like we will be working together on a project in the near future.

     It was a blessing to finally meet the church members, Pastor David Jones and the Holtsclaw Family! 

     It was also fantastic to be able to share the details and the burden of what we do in our ministry with the people that pray for us and help support our work!

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Grace Baptist Church Lake Orion Michigan

     On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of visiting Grace Baptist Church in Lake Orion Michigan to present our Ministry.  I was given the opportunity to present our ministry to this wonderful congregation.

     Back in 2012 I was contacted by Pastor Jeff Walters (a friend of evangelist Russell Kidman who referred him to me) to set up a website for Charity Baptist Church in Oxford Michigan.

     We host several websites for brother Kidman ( and

     In July of 2015 Pastor Walters again contacted me letting me know that Charity Baptist Church had merged with another church forming Grace Baptist Church of Lake Orion Michigan. We put up a website for the new church ( I was invited to present the ministry there if I was ever in the area.

     I had talked with another mutual friend of Brother Kidman and Pastor Walters last year named Glen Yeager. Missionary Glen Yeager started out doing a similar ministry to ours, and has expanded to a full ministry of helps in the IT field. Glen had set up streaming video for Grace Baptist Church. Brother Yeager’s website is at Brother Yeager and I will probably be working more closely in the future.

Grace Baptist Church Lake Orion MichiganLeft to Right Glen Rosa Yeager Cathy Russell Kidman


     When Brother Yeager and Brother Kidman heard I was going to speak at Grace Baptist Church they decided to drop by and say howdy. Russell and Cathy Kidman provided some beautiful special music for the service. It was a blessing to meet Russell, Cathy, Glen and Rosa.

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Harvester Baptist Church

     Sunday evening August 21, I had the pleasure of visiting our sending church (Harvester Baptist Church Ellicott City Maryland), and I was given the opportunity to present our ministry.

Harvester Baptist Church

     The evening was a blessing, with a musical special featuring talent of all ages, from 2 years old through professional adults.

     Harvester Baptist Church is the church where Maureen and I were led to the Lord, and were married. Harvester is also where I was licensed to preach back in 1991.

     Harvester Baptist Church is the first ministry we put online back in 1985 back in the Bulletin Board days. They have since migrated to a regular professional website on one of the first domain names we registered (harvester,org)

     It was truly great being able to come home and share the ministry with our roots.

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Bethel Baptist Church La Plata MD

I had the opportunity to visit and present our ministry to Bethel Baptist Church in La Plata Maryland this morning. We have been hosting their website for several years now. It was a blessing to finally meet the pastor and webmaster after all these years.

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WordPress 4.6 released

     WordPress 4.6 was released on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Wednesday morning was the day that Maureen and I left Dallas for Nashville Tennessee, I make it a priority to try and upgrade our hosted WordPress websites as soon as possible, but there did not seem to be any urgency in getting this upgrade accomplished.

     This morning I received an email from my notification service stating that the previous version of WordPress (4.53) was vulnerable to Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. This reprioritized my day.

     I have finished upgrading all 100 of our WordPress hosted website to WordPress 4.6. This is yet another serve we provide at no cost to Independent Baptist ministries!

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Whitley Memorial Baptist Church Nashville

     Wednesday Evening Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting Whitley Memorial Baptist Church in Nashville Tennessee.

Whitley Baptist Church Nashville TN

     We have been hosting the website ( for this church since 2008, and Pastor Scott Gillon had told me if I was ever passing through Nashville, to let him know. Since we were going to be going through Nashville on the way to Virginia and Maryland I let him know we would be coming (especially since I knew we could make the Wednesday evening service if we left Dallas early enough).

     I told pastor Gillon we would be coming through and he offered me the Wednesday evening service to present the ministry and bring a message.

     The church has been a blessing to Maureen and I over the years, and it was very special to meet Pastor Gillon and his congregation, and have the opportunity to present our ministry in person.

     Please pray for this ministry, the Lord is starting to move, Pastor Gillon is stepping out in faith and going full time in the ministry. The Lord is building the congregation as many ministries around Nashville seem to be shrinking.

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Bob and Maureen Hoffman 3Q 2016 Newsletter

"When you go on the internet, please pray for the Hoffman Family – your missionaries to Cyberspace."

Volume 29 Issue 3 (August/2016)
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


The Latest News:  

  • Maureen and I had the pleasure of attending the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting this year. We had our display set up and I was able to help out a missionary with some technical expertise, set up some meetings and get one missionary online.

  • We are getting ready to leave on a two week trip. We will be visiting 6 churches in five states. Please keep us in prayer for safe travel.
Church Website Ministry:


  • I received a copy of Sewickley Lighthouse Baptist Church calendar (Sewickley PA). Pastor Gelfand asked me to put it up on their website I put their 2016 Calendar (pdf file) up on the website and added the events to the WordPress calendar. Updating websites is a service we do for a number of ministries that can’t update their websites on their own due to a variety of reasons.
  • Set up WordPress website ( for Grace Baptist Church in La Porte Texas. Church had lost access to their current hosting provider and wanted to get a new page set up for upcoming VBS.
  • Visited Sandy Lane Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas, met new pastor. Converted website over to WordPress, updated website ( and turned website over to new pastor.
  • Set up a website for First Navajo Baptist Church in Crownpoint New Mexico (
  • Set up a website ( for church planters Terry and Karla Rodgers, missionaries to New Orleans. We met this couple at the Texas Baptist Camp Meeting.
  • Returned two "rescued" domains (rescued over four years ago). These are domains that had expired that we registered to keep them from being turned into porn sites. These churches wanted to get them back on online, we are continuing to provide hosting for these ministries. Comment from one of the church members that took over the website: Morning!  Wish you could have seen how excited the pastor was last night at church when I told him that our church website was up and running again and was ready for whatever content he wished to have on there!  Called an impromptu deacon's mtg after church so I could tell them about it!  :O).
Bible Correspondence Courses: We want to thank Katherine Feguer, Lydia Henrici, J.L. & Florence Smith for helping with the Bible Correspondence courses over the last quarter.


  • Second Quarter Stats:  Praise the Lord, we had 4 salvation decisions – 3 in Nigeria and one in MS. We sent out 836 lessons and issued 24 certificates to 116 students (7 are incarcerated and 55 are international). We had students in Australia, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and USA.

Here are some comments we received from people that are taking the correspondence courses:

  • From a student in VA… This course is very important because it gives an insight to God and all of his promises. It surely is a gift of God. May the grace and love of God be with you, now and forever and God bless all of you brothers and sisters. May God bless is my prayer.
  • From a Pastor in LA who takes our Bible lessons… The course God's Great Salvation, lessons 13 & 14, God's Great Plan and God's Blessed Hope, he wrote, Every bit of this is important. This whole book is my favorite out of all them so far, awesome.
  • From a student in North Carolina… What is of most importance to me in this course is the teaching of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It blesses my heart to know that Jesus loved me enough to leave Heaven for me & He loved me enough to DIE for me, & He loves me enough to make intercession on my behalf before God the Father. What is of great importance than God's love for you and I?
  • From a student in Nigeria… I gained a lot in all the lessons, Praise God! I am thrilled and have been wonderfully schooled, on how I can live my Christian and ministerial life and achieve all that the Lord has in plan for me. Thank you very much and remain blessed.
Tract Ministry: We have "given out" over 78,000 Bible Tracts online.
Social Networking Outreach: I get new requests on my evangelistic Facebook account regularly. I now have 2695 "friends" in my evangelistic Facebook account. This is a valuable tool to reach the unsaved.
Support:  We have two new churches taking us on for support! We are currently at 70% of support for our ministry expenses.
Prayer Needs: 


  • Help in raising support for the ministry.
  • Please keep us in prayer for our personal financial needs in addition to the ministry's financial needs. 
  • Would you consider praying for us when special needs arise? If so, please subscribe to our prayer warrior's mailing list. :
  • Health Needs
  • We still have got to figure out how to travel with Goose the cat. Please keep in prayer what the Lord will have us to do in reference to travel. 
Specific Financial Needs:
The basic financial needs for the ministry have been met.
We have about $1500 in travel expense for July, August and September.
Please consider a donation. FamilyNet is a 501 (C)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible in the US – You can donate via PayPal (Donate button is on or mail a check:
FamilyNet International Inc
P.O. Box 451951
Garland, TX 75045
(214) 257-0229

In Jesus' Service,


Bob and Maureen
Phil 2:4
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Getting Ready

    Next week we will start a trip that will be visiting six churches in five states over a two week period, Maureen will also get to spend some time with her grand daughter,

     I haven't posted anything for a while, but I have been non-stop busy!

     I have provided IT support for several of the ministries we host over the last week, updated a calendar for one of our supporting churches and two website of two other ministries.

I "rescued" an expired domain last week

I have done some major revamping of our presentation in preparation for next week. I still have to set up and make sure our projector is working with my laptop.

I will try and get out a newsletter before we leave.

Proverbs 3:5-6

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Hosted church follow up

I received the following message from one of our hosted churches this morning – it is a blessing to help ministries out:

Morning!  Wish you could have seen how excited the pastor was last night at church when I told him that our church website was up and running again and was ready for whatever content he wished to have on there!  Called an impromptu deacon's mtg after church so I could tell them about it!  :O)
Yes, I think we will want to keep the Google MAPS app; that is great!  Thanks for continuing to 'hold our hands' with this.  You are a blessing, for sure!
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Joy Baptist Tabernacle – Chattanooga

     Back in 2010 I rescued a domain ( for Joy Baptist Tabernacle in Chattanooga Tennessee. As with all rescued domains, I check to see if the ministry was still in operation each year as the domain came up for renewal, and if it looked like the ministry was still around, I renewed the domain for another year and just went on about the doing the ministry.

     The rescued domains have Basic Church information (name of ministry, pastor’s name, address, service times if I could get them, local weather, links to the Baptist Ministry Database, a Bible Tract for a salvation message, some Christian banners and basic contact information so the ministry can update the information, or get the domain back if they desire to do so).

     I received an email yesterday from a church member of Joy Baptist Tabernacle, asking if I could change the phone number for the church, add an email link, have the website say that the church was "Independent, fundamental, KJV Bible based services.  We are missionary minded and we also STILL sing the old hymns in our song service."  

     He also asked me to add some service times and wanted me to include a google map. Sounded like a regular website to me. He said he didn’t want anything fancy, but I decided to just go ahead and build a WordPress website for them.

     Built the WordPress website last night and they provided me a picture of the church to put up on it.

Joy Baptist Tabernacle

They don’t really want to maintain it, just want a static website so people can find the church. “We really want this for travelers and new people to the area.  We are one of the few remaining churches in the Bible Belt sticking with the old principles it seems.”

     He said they really appreciate our ministry, and thanked us for “keeping their website” for them.

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