Month: December 2015

Advertising to start running tomorrow

We have some advertising starting tomorrow (1/1/15) on The Fundamental Top 500 website for all of 2016. The ad(s) offer to provide free web hosting from Independent Baptist Ministries. We purchased a one year sponsership. The...

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Note from a Pastor in Illinois

Note from a Pastor in IL… Brother Hoffman, Enclosed is a check to use for your ministry. Thanks for your hard work, help to us, and your heart for the Lord. Have a good day and Merry Christmas! Source: Cyber-Missions...

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From a student in Virginia

We had a call from a student in VA. He received the Bible lessons and wanted us to know that he got saved last night. He knows he is a child of God and he is going to heaven. He said he wanted to call to put a smile on our faces...

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