Month: September 2008

So long GLI

Hello Faith Based Ministry I was unable to obtain other employment at Greyhound, and the leading of the Lord has been clear, so we are now in Faith based ministry. I have a list of Web Based chores I need to accomplish, my power...

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No News is good News???

The silence is deafening Just a quick update for those of you praying for us, I still don't have any updates on a new position here, so it would appear the Lord is still directing our path (Prov 3:5-6). Thanks for your...

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The financial meltdown continues

News is out that Wachovia Bank is ready to collapse, and of course, that's where my 401K money is today. Notwithstanding the fact that there have been some losses recently due to the current financial meltdown, I am unsure...

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New Friends

In my attempt to see what was available, I joined a social network site called linked in. I was contacted by one of the members there named Jim Wendorf. Jim is a Christian man, a BJ graduate who runs publishing company called...

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Welcome to the ministry?

And so it begins… We are planning at being at the missions banquet at Harvester Baptist Church in Columbia Maryland on October 12. So I had my wife take her car in to make sure it stands a fair chance of surviving the...

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